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Central Kalimantan, Indonesia - Palangkaraya

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Located in southern Borneo near Palangkaraya, the Sabangau Forest lies in the Indonesian province of Central Kalimantan, and is centred on the Sabangau River (a blackwater river). Sabangau forms part of a great swathe of tropical peatlands that cover almost the entire lowland river plains of southern Borneo. It is the largest area of lowland rainforest remaining in Borneo. The peat swamp forest is often referred to as a dual ecosystem. Home to the world’s largest orangutan population, the area has since been damaged by illegal forestry. Logging, peat drainage and fire all contribute to destroying the environment, which unfortunately occur when peat-swamp forests are converted to oil palm plantation and other forms of agriculture.

Research goals and objectives
Nyaru Menteng reintroduction centre was founded in 1999 by Lone Dröscher Nielsen and Odom Kisar, and is home to more than 600 orphaned and displaced orangutans. The centre is based 28 km north of Palangkaraya, and since its humble beginnings has now become the world's largest orangutan conservation facility.  

The forest around the centre serves as the perfect place where young orangutans are taught how to survive in the wild. Five small islands nearby are used as their introductory home, as orangutans begin their new lives without their caretakers. Once the orangutans are ready for a life of freedom they are then released into the centre’s fruit-plantation and giant nature reserve.
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