Leif Cocks Borneo Orangutans Tour - March 2021

Travel type
Small group of interested people - Age limit 12 years
Expedition grade
Moderate to Difficult (some jungle trekking involved)
8 to 15 March 2021 - 8 Days
Local hotels, river boat (klotok) & jungle lodges
$3450.00 (AUD)

plus AUD$1,000 secured fundraising ex Jakarta (twin-share) 


Single supplement


Our destination for this trip is the jungles of Central & West
Kalimantan (Borneo) to see the orangutan in its natural environment and also visit the IAR's orangutan rescue centre. We may come across Tom, the dominant male at the famous Camp Leakey feeding station. We will see both reintroduced and wild orangutans as well as a host of other rain forest animals. The Tanjung Puting National Park is home to rare and interesting species including the proboscis monkey and the false gavial, a strange looking crocodile. But, it is the orangutan that most people come here to visit. It's sheer beauty and passive demeanour endears one of our closest relatives to our hearts.

After visiting this wonderful animal's natural environment, we will head to West Borneo and visit the YIAR centre in Ketapang. This, for many, is a highlight as you will come into close proximity with many young orangutans and garner a deeper understanding of their plight. If this visit doesn't move you, nothing will! While there, we will have the opportunity to see the work being done, hear from YIAR staff about the latest news from the centre and also get involved with the enrichment programs required for the orangutans located here. Through this expedition we will be raising funds to support this orangutan rescue centre and each participant will be adopting an orangutan as well as replanting trees to ensure the future of their habitat.  

YIAR Indonesia became involved with the orangutan cause in West Kalimantan in 2009. There was only a sub-standard, temporary orangutan rescue centre in Ketapang, West Kalimantan at that stage. YIAR took over this centre in 2009 and with financial assistance from TOP, built demountable cages to house the rescued orangutans. By early 2010, the conditions had greatly improved at the centre and professional veterinary care was available. YIAR Director, Karmele Sanchez, and her team started to treat the injuries and ailments of the existing orangutans and brought in a number of newly rescued orangutans. A unit of four new enclosures has been designed, built and erected and some of the larger orangutans are enjoying a taste of freedom as they swung vigorously in the hammocks and tyres and play with other orangutans, perhaps for the first time in their lives. A nutritious diet with plenty of varied fruits and nuts has begun to improve their health and the environmental enrichment introduced into the cages on a daily basis has greatly increased their mental and physical stimulation.

A 25ha area of land in the Ketapang district was purchased in 2010 by YIAR Indonesia, with financial assistance from TOP. A rescue and rehabilitation facility has been constructed on this site that will act as a transit centre for wild orangutans rescued from deforestation and also as a rehabilitation facility for captive orangutans rescued in the area. TOP is assisting with design, technical support and funding of the construction of this rehabilitation facility including enclosures 1ha in size built around forested areas so young orangutans can practice their climbing skills. YIAR Indonesia also plans to secure land further north in the province of West Kalimantan so orangutans can be released in the future.

After Borneo, we head back to Jakarta. For those that want an adventure on the way back, we will be offering an action-packed extension to Krakatau and Java or perhaps to see Komodo dragons. If you are interested in adventure and giving back to the world at the same time, then you have got to be part of this expedition.

Your special guest host. You will be joined on this tour by a remarkable man. Leif Cocks (TOP founder)  who will travel with you throughout the journey and give you his personal views about orangutans and how his organisation is helping to save and allow them to released back into the jungle.

Leif Talks Tours
Hi, I have now completed several Leif Cocks Orangutan Odysseys Eco-tours. On each one, we all had a great time, learnt all about the orangutan's habitat, made new friends and most importantly raised awareness & much-needed funds to help save this endangered species. In the complex world of conservation and animal behaviour, it is difficult to fully grasp the realities of what we see on just a short tour. That is why I feel that the members on this tour, being able to discuss the deeper insights of conservation and behaviour, may have enjoyed the trip so much more. The more you know about something the more interesting it gets! With any holiday a lot of time is wasted through getting from one place to the other, however, time can fly when you have the opportunity to discuss what you have just seen and what you are about to see in a holistic and in-depth context. It would be great to have you on board!
Leif says "Want an enjoyable holiday, but want it to be something more? Why not, see what is really going on, connect with the most intelligent fellow beings on the planet, meet the people working at the coal face and become part of the solution"

Our goal is to provide our guests with a unique experience, to observe wild and semi-wild orangutans in their natural habitat. We will provide you with a safe platform to observe the wildlife Borneo has to offer including proboscis nose monkeys, gibbons and more. We will also provide you with comprehensive information about the destination you are in so that you are fully informed of your surrounds. Further, Orangutan Odysseys has partnered up with The Orangutan Project which supports conservation programs in Borneo and Sumatra. 

Participants in this expedition will raise funds (a minimum target of $1000 AUD per participant) by getting friends, family and colleagues to fundraise via your own customised fundraising page, specially designed to direct these monies straight to The Orangutan Project. Details of how to achieve this goal and further information will be sent once you have booked. Participants in this expedition will also be contributing to the survival of the orangutans and their habitat by adopting an orphaned orangutan (costs included in your trips fare).



8th to 15th March 2021
*Subject to change due to local conditions

Day 1 - 8th March: Arrive in Jakarta
You will be met at the airport and transferred to your Jakarta hotel (FM7) for an overnight stay. This evening the group will meet for a tour briefing and details about tomorrow's flights. 

Day 2 - 9th March: Jakarta to Pangkalan Bun - Tanjung Puting National Park
This morning you will fly from Jakarta to the Central Borneo town of Pangkalan Bun. On arrival, you will be met at the airport by our local OO team and guide and be taken to the port of Kumai, where you will board our klotok (riverboat) and start your journey up the Sekonyer River into the National Park. Later that day you will visit feeding station #1 and see your first orangutans. Afterwards, you will get back aboard our klotok and travel along the river looking for orangutans and probosics monkeys. Overnight at Rimba Lodge. (B,L,D)

Day 3 - 10th March: Rimba Lodge - Camp Leakey - Crocodile Lake
An early start today sees you back on the klotoks travelling up the Sekonyer River to Camp Leakey, the oldest camp set up for the orphaned orangutans. On arrival at Camp Leakey, you will have lunch aboard the klotok before you start the short trek in the surrounding area to visit the information centre. You are likely to see orangutans (or have them see you) near the boat.  After enjoying afternoon feeding time of the orangutans and being given a tour of the surrounding forest area, it's back to the boat and cruising down the Camp Leakey River to Crocodile Lake where you will spend the night. You will most likely see other wildlife of Borneo such as gibbons & proboscis monkey. Overnight on the klotok - we provide a mattress, pillow and mosquito net. (B,L,D)

Day 4 - 11th March: Crocodile Lake - Pesalat - Kumai Harbour - Pangkalan Bun
An early morning start sees you back on the river travelling ever slowly searching for wild orangutans, monkeys and birds along the river edge. Maybe even a crocodile or two!. Then, it's off to Pesalat Plantation, where you get to plant some trees to help regenerate the forest. From there, you will be back on the boat for lunch and back on the river searching for wildlife and if time allows a tour of the local village. Later that afternoon you will take the boat down the river to a mangrove of Nipah Palms, where we hope to see fireflies and stop for your last night™s dinner in the park. On the way, you will watch many proboscis monkeys along the river banks. Then it's back to Kumai by klotok and overnight at Swiss Belinn Hotel in Pangkalan Bun. (B,L,D)

Day 5 - 12th March: Pangkalan Bun “-  Ketapang Road Trip - Sukadana
This morning you check out of the hotel and meet our car convoy (5 cars) and start the longish road trip (9 to 10 hours) through to Sukadana. Sukadana is a town on the coast about 2 hours drive north of Ketapang. It's adjacent to the National Park where we will start the trekking from tomorrow. Lunch will be along the way. Depending on our arrival time its hoped we will be there for coconut drinks on the beach to watch the sunset.  Overnight at the Mahkota Hotel in Sukadana (B,L)

Day 6 - 13th March: Jungle Trek into Gunung Palung National Park - Ketapang.
An early morning start where we will travel to the start point of the trek in a local village.  We will then trek up the hills and through the Gunung Palung National Park for approx 90 minutes. Stopping frequently for rests and photos of the tress, river and waterfalls. Then we will reach the campsite called Lubuk Baji. Here the guides will brief you about the jungle walk and we will head out hoping to maybe spot a wild orangutan or two, perhaps some gibbons or red langurs. We will have lunch in the jungle before leaving the jungle and meeting our cars for the return travel (approx 2-3 hours) to Ketapang and our hotel. Overnight at the Nevada hotel (B,L)

Day 7 - 14th March: YIAR  Orangutan Orphanage 
Today, you will visit the orangutan clinic near Ketapang. You have been granted this very special access to the centre and while there, you will be given a tour of the facilities, talks about the current situation with the orangutans and other wildlife plus be given the opportunity to participate in the orangutan enrichment program. Final night's celebration dinner and overnight at the Nevada Hotel. (B,L)

Day 8 - 15th March: Ketapang - Jakarta “ Tour ends
Today you will be taken to the airport to link up with your return flight to Jakarta and your late evening return flights home. Please note that no overnight accommodation is included for this night. If this is required, please let our office know and we can assist with arrangements OR you can continue with your Indonesian adventure. (B)