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The trip was beyond our expectations and the Orangutan Odyssey team were great fun and looked after us really well.  We saw orangutans, both wild and rehabilitated, everyday as well as proboscis monkeys, langurs, gibbons and birds as we cruised along the various rivers.The highlight was staying overnight on the klotok in Tanjung Puting and waking up to the magical sound of gibbons singing in the jungle.

- Therese Lewis, Canberra, Australia

I have never had the great urge to travel to Indonesia, however after joining the Orangutan Odysseys Borneo trip in May I can’t wait to go back. This trip has offered too many great experiences to mention. They made the trip a truly memorable and happy one.

- Anna Graham, Launceston, Australia

All my expectations were far surpassed! From start to the finish this trip was organised perfectly. The food was fantastic and the orangutans were even more amazing. I will recommend the Orangutan Odysseys trip to everyone. How can you resist the baby orangutan's dark brown eyes when they are looking at you... speaking to you through their eyes ... pleading with you to save their habitat.

- Alison Hoban, Launceston, Australia

This was amazing. I took heaps of photos and saw so many incredible things. My favourite parts were the swamp, hanging out on the boat, and seeing all the orangutans in the wild. I also made friends with our Indonesian guides, Gilang, Danny and Edy, they were really cool guys. It was awesome. I want to do it again.

- Max Malherbe, Sydney, Australia

We had a fabulous time, shared with a small but wonderful group of people in some of the most beautiful wilderness you'll find anywhere – lush green jungle, black water rivers that look like mirrors, brilliant coloured birds, all the orangutans, macaques, gibbons and proboscis monkeys and the unbelievably spectacular fireflies at night. You can't help but turn into an environmentalist along the way. I can't thank Garry and our guides enough for such a memorable trip.

- Michael Malherbe, Sydney, Australia

The Orangutan Odysseys trip was a reality check for the plight of countries trying to survive economically at the expense of the wildlife. Visiting the orphanage was humbling to witness, the dedication and tireless care the staff provided to the infant orphaned orangutans. We already have confirmed participants for next year’s tour of Borneo. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute in a small way. Let’s hope the tours can impact on the Indonesian government to reduce forest degradation.

- Sue Grasby, Melbourne, Australia

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