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Orangutan Odysseys is proud to be in partnership with Australian based NGO, The Orangutan Project (TOP) along witha number of other Borneo & Sumatra orangutan rescue centres and NGOs.

Participants in all our Fundraising Expeditions not only will take away an unforgettable experience, but the funds raised from these expeditions will help provide continuing support for a wide range of projects including habitat protection; rehabilitation projects and orphan care centres. They will be also be helping in another significant way, and that is in raising awareness.

Participants of our Fundraising Expeditions will each be given their own secure donations page through Artez Interactive to track their fundraising. Artez Interactive is the leading global provider of online social fundraising solutions for not-profits around the world. One of the Artez values is to ‘Exist to support the online fundraising efforts of organisations that are dedicated to creating a better world.’ 

See below for an example of both a participant fundraising homepage (top) and the secure donations form (bottom).
This system generates automated tax receipts for donors. 

Artez example page

Secure donation form example
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