Wildlife Asia Tours

Wildlife Asia is an Australian based non profit organisation supporting conservation initiatives for the protection of forests and species in South East Asia. Wildlife Asia encourages collaborative approaches to field conservation programs which protect biodiversity and ensure the long term security of habitat and species. Wildlife Asia also encourages financial support of more broadly focused conservation efforts, maximizing impact of available resources.

Wildlife Asia tours not only provide a unique opportunity for supporters to see their funds in action but also serve to encourage local communities to value and protect wildlife and habitat. For more information about Wildlife Asia’s work please visit www.wildlifeasia.org.au

We look forward to sharing our wildlife conservation experiences with you!

There really is nothing like giving back. That’s right, in this specially crafted expedition you will visit the habitat of five of Indonesia’s highly endangered animals – Orangutan, Silvery Gibbon, Sun Bear, Rhino and Elephant - and by doing so help protect their environment for generations to come.

In 2014, Wildlife Asia continues their mission to assist with the long-term survival of Indonesia’s endangered animals and habitat by establishing responsible eco-tourism and by doing so raising much needed funds and supporting local communities.

The National Park parks and Sanctuaries we will visit are home to many rare and interesting species, But it is the set of 5 species - Rhinos, Orangutans, Gibbons, Elephants and Sun Bears - that we are directly supporting that we come here to visit. The sheer presence of these magnificent animals will provide a life changing experience. We will see both wild and rehabilitated animals and have the opportunity to be educated by resident experts about all the various species we visit.

The expedition is conducted by Garry Sundin whose Orangutan Odysseys travel agency has already helped 200 people experience the trip of a lifetime and has raised over $250,000 for wildlife conservation. The expedition is accompanied by Clare Campbell, the Director of Wildlife Asia who has extensive experience in the conservation of wildlife in Indonesia, particularly gibbons and rhinos. Clare will provide expert commentary and interpretation of the wildlife projects.

You are embarking on an adventure to places and amongst people whose lives are very different from your own. Many aspects of life in Indonesia will seem unusual. Remember that these are often the same aspects that make an area an exotic and attractive destination. While boat expeditions are considered easy, no trek is easy, even those rated “easy or moderate”. In addition to the personal physical challenges you may face, Travel conditions can present unexpected obstacles, such as rough and bumpy roads and changeable weather. To prepare for this “pack” a flexible and relaxed attitude. Bring a spirit of adventure and inquiry, a healthy sense of humor and a willingness to encounter the unexpected and you will find your trip to Indonesia the adventure of a lifetime!

CLARE CAMPBELL - Meet your expert tour host
Clare Campbell is currently the Director of Australian based NGO’s Wildlife Asia, Silvery Gibbon Project and the Asian Rhino Project, and is a Conservation Fund Manager of The Orangutan Project. With considerable overlap between all of these organisations, she is responsible for the administration of the projects, fundraising activities, overseeing implementation and delivery of field programs and initiating conservation strategies with partners in South East Asia.

Clare has a BSc (Zoology/Marine Biology) and a Graduate Certificate in Captive Vertebrate Management and has extensive experience in species management having worked in zoos for over 13 years, primarily with Primates. Clare is also a member of the IUCN Asian Rhino Specialist Group and the Primate Specialist Group Section on Small Apes.

Clare has a particular passion for gibbons and has assisted with the establishment and operations of the Javan Gibbon Centre and Javan Gibbon Reintroduction Program as well as education and capacity building activities in Indonesia. She has also organized International workshops and assisted with the development of Conservation Action Strategies for gibbons.

Clare is passionate about many issues that impact on the environment and animal welfare. She strives to educate and inspire others about the issues of our generation and the small changes we can all make to ensure a brighter future.

“Experiencing such incredible wildlife in their natural habitat and bearing witness to the immediate threats they face will be an experience that is sure to be life changing”.

Be wild, live life and love Asia! Join Clare on the Wildlife Asia Big 5 Tour as she shares her knowledge and stories about the wildlife and forest she cares so deeply about.