Wildlife Asia is an Australian based non profit organisation supporting conservation initiatives for the protection of forests and species in South East Asia. Wildlife Asia encourages collaborative approaches to field conservation programs which protect biodiversity and ensure the long term security of habitat and species. Wildlife Asia also encourages financial support of more broadly focused conservation efforts, maximizing impact of available resources.
Wildlife Asia tours not only provide a unique opportunity for supporters to see their funds in action but also serve to encourage local communities to value and protect wildlife and habitat.

All participants joining Wildlife Asia tours are required to complete a minimum fundraising component of $1,000. This must be finished 10 days prior to departure.
Please note that any outstanding funds (shortfall in the minimum amount) at this time are liable for payment by the partipant.
The funds raised from our tours go directly to support our partner projects in the field. You could be helping to rescue a bear, gibbon or orangutan from the pet trade, rehabilitate them for release back into the wild or protect critical areas of forest to ensure the survival of Critically Endangered species. Your funds may also assist Wildlife Protection Units or support education and community development programs in Indonesia and South East Asia. All of these activities are vital to ensure the conservation of species and habitat and we need your help today!
Once you have signed up to the Big 5 tour you will receive your personal fund raising page. You can direct your friends and family to this page if they wish to make donations and support your efforts in wildlife conservation. If you would like any brochures or materials to assist with your fundraising please contact

We look forward to sharing the trip of a lifetime with you!