What did our guests say about the Wildlife Asia Big 5 Tour

Emma Malloch from Perth

This trip was an unbelievable experience with memories that will last a life time! There is nothing more humbling than sitting on the back of a boat in the middle of the jungle watching the sun rise as thousands of birds sing their morning song and breaking through their song is the majestic call of gibbons from deep in the jungle. I will never forget watching a female orangutan build a nest for her child and herself just before the skies opened and we were greeted by the most intense but refreshing rain of my life. I will also never forget spotting a baby silvery gibbon swing between trees or proboscis monkeys jump in huge numbers into the river right in front of us.
The Big 5 trip was run incredibly well with fantastic accommodation and food. All of the staff and local guides were fantastic. The best thing of all is that we were contributing to the conservation of the precious animals of Asia. I could not recommend this trip more for anyone that wants to experience the true beauty of this world. This trip has changed my life!
Thanks so much for everything Garry!

 Nathalie Cuthertson from Sydney

I have just returned from the first Wildlife Asia Big 5 tour, and I have been telling all my friends and family that this is a 'must do' experience.  The orangutans, bears, elephants, rhino and monkeys we saw were wonderful, the stars of the tour, of course.  It was great to see and learn about them and their natural but highly threatened habitat.  It felt really important too to be supporting the efforts to help them, to be a part of the impressive work the lovely people we met dedicate themselves to, in  helping these animals.  Garry Sundin of Orangutan Odysseys and Clare Campbell of the Asian Rhino and Silvery Gibbon projects planned and conducted the tour in a way that ensured everyone of our party were taken care of from beginning to end.  The food, accomodation and travel were all really well organised - not easy when you are in and out of such remote areas a lot of the time!  But back to the stars - as I tell everyone, there is nothing like the feeling when you are in the forest and you hear a massive cracking and crashing of branches and you know something really big must be coming, and then a huge dominant male orangutan walks casually past the group, shortly joined by a few females and babies swinging in! Wow!

Chrstine Campbell from Perth

If conservation and wildlife is your passion I can recommend this trip. The inaugural Wildlife Asia Big 5 Tour was very memorable.  Observing animal behavior in natural or protected environments with like -minded people of different generations and life experiences was wonderful.  The trip truly enhanced my appreciation of the wonders of nature. It also increased my awareness of the fragility and threatened future of these animals’ diminishing environment.
I will never forget watching the proboscis monkeys jumping from tree to tree, or diving into the river from great heights. Watching orangutan families feeding and interacting was fascinating and precious.
Having increased my awareness of the real situation has enabled me to pass on this knowledge and increase awareness of others. It soon makes you realize the need for a united front to make a difference, no matter how small.  When visiting as a foreigner it helps you to understand the plight of the locals and their need for support.  I can recommend this trip as an amazing wildlife experience and a chance to help the cause.