Covid 19 Protocols

General Procedures

  • All guests and Orangutan Odysseys staff are expected to wear face masks when required. Extra face masks will be made available on tour.

  • Orangutan Odysseys guides and staff will carry hand sanitiser at all times. Guests are expected to wash their hands and use hand sanitiser at appropriate times.

  • OO guides will be equipped with disinfectant wipes and hand sanitiser to use throughout the duration of the tour.

  • All Orangutan Odysseys crew will be fully vaccinated and carry a negative test prior to each tour.

  • All guests must be fully vaccinated (unless they hold a medical exemption) and show documentation prior to travel. A negative test to be carried out upon entry to Indonesia. PCR and Rapid Antigen testing is available at the airport.

  • Where required, guests will practice social distancing.

  • Guests will practise physical social distancing where required in restaurants and facilities.

  • Guests must follow all local guidelines and health protocols in all locations.

Orangutan Policy

Orangutans share over 97% of their genetic DNA with humans and as such they are suseptable to the same disease and illness as us.

  • Visitors must not enter the forest if they are feeling unwell or recently had an illness and/or diarrhoea. It is each visitor's moral responsibility to report any sign of sickness to their guide before entering the forest. Spending time around the orangutans whilst unwell can seriously risk infecting them, which could easily result in their death and has, in the past. Any orangutan infected by humans could potentially infect other orangutans as well. If the guide feels that a visitor is not well enough to enter the forest, it is within his/her authority to refuse entry to the visitor

  • Visitors must not touch the orangutans under any circumstances. Touching is very dangerous, for various reasons: diseases, infections and even parasites can easily pass between orangutans and humans and physical contact makes the likelihood of this higher.

  • Visitors must not feed the orangutans under any circumstances

  • No food is to be brought into the forest

  • Visitors must take any litter out of the forest when they leave

  • Smoking is NOT permitted when in the presence of orangutans

Riverboat Policy

  • Crew will be fully vaccinated and have a negative test certificate 2 days prior to depature.


  • Crew will wear a face mask at all times when mixing with guests.

  • Good hygiene will be practiced at all times in the kitchen.

  • Regularly check that the bathrooms are clean.

  • Clean the entire internal area of boat including hard surfaces, chairs, hand rails etc with cleaning products, prior to guests boarding.

  • Provide hand sanitiser and liquid soap with easy access for guests.

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