The Story So Far

Orangutan Odysseys has been operating since 2011. Our vision and goal is to protect the environment of the orangutan, no matter where they live. So how are we going?

To say the struggle is a David and Goliath one would be an understatement. Large tracts of land have been cleared by powerful and wealthy palm oil companies. Many of these continue to slash and burn forest, causing untold havoc on the environment. Large land concessions continue to be handed out both legally and illegally.

However, palm oil demand has weakened. This could be due to the slowing global economy, over supply, a change in purchasing habits due to palm oils bad reputation or a combination of all three.

There is hope though. Orangutan Odysseys has worked hand in hand with local conservation groups that directly protect wildlife endangered by deforestation. In the last year, Orangutan Odysseys has teamed up with scientists, conservationists and researchers to introduce them to a public that wants to help the orangutan. People such as orangutan expert Leif Cocks and more have joined us to show tourists their part of the orangutan world and to raise funds to help their causes.

In our first year of full operation, Orangutan Odysseys helped raise over $100,000 towards these causes. We have established hundreds of orangutan adoptions through The Orangutan Project (TOP) which not only help for a year but usually continue to help as people re-adopt their orangutan.

And now in 2019 we are thrilled to announce our tours have raised over AUD$1,000,000 for orangutan conservation projects. We are very excited to reach this milesotne target.

So while we have not yet changed the direction of destruction, we have put in place the relationships that will provide the bridge between the orangutan and the wider public.

In 2019 and beyond we will continue our fundraising trips and education programs through tourism and social media. We continue to create new and exciting tours and adventures that cater for all our guests and help continue to raise funds for our NGO partners.

With your help we can continue to Save the Environment through Tourism.

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