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  • North Sumatra and a sense of adventure

    I’ve just returned from a 9-day trip to Sumatra, arranged through Orangutan Odysseys – it was a fantastic unforgettable experience.
    Garry and Hayley (from the OO team) where both so helpful with the planning of our itinerary, there was always great communications from them and so much information it really helped with my preparation.
    We had originally booked onto a group tour, but when this was unfortunately cancelled Garry and his team designed a personalised itinerary and arrange a private tour, all at no extra cost.
    Our guides in Sumatra, Dennis and Zul were fantastic – they are both so knowledgeable and passionate about Sumatra, the local area and the wildlife.
    In the jungle, having the right guide makes all the difference. Our guide Zul has spent most of his life in and around the jungle, so he was able to spot things that other ‘guides’ missed. We met another group who said that they’ve been out for 3 days and hadn’t seen anything. Within 30 mins of that meeting Zul had spotted a group of 4 orangutan in the treetops that the other group had walked straight past. We saw 9 Orangutan in total, as well as Gibbons, Thomas Leaf monkeys and macaques.
    Our trip took us from Medan where we flew into and met our guides, to Berestagi for a night, then onto Ketembe for 3 days in the jungle, from there it was back to Berestagi and a daybreak climb up Mount Sibayak a dormant volcano. From there it was onto Lake Toba and Samosir Island for a relaxing couple of days before flying home.
    In each stop OO had arranged comfortable accommodation for us. In the jungle we were the only tour group that had our own tents, all the other groups were in a big communal tent. Little things like this make a big difference for comfort when you’re out in the jungle.
    This was an unforgettable trip, with excellent guides and excellent organisation from Orangutan Odysseys – I’d highly recommend booking a trip of a lifetime through them!!

    James Green
  • Did The Leif Cocks Kalimantan October/18

    It was amazing. The Orangutan Odysseys staff were super/guides very knowledgeable and always worried for our every need. Meeting Leif/ getting to know him and taking in all the information and knowledge that he passed on to us was a gift. I hope to go back to Borneo or Sumatra once again with Leif/Garry and Ozzy! 
    Also did a side trip to Krakatoa Volcano and it was amazing and once again the guide fantastic.

    Clara Sancho
  • Thank you Orangutan Odyssey have had a brilliant time.

    My expectations have not only been met but exceeded. Ozzi and Ivend were brilliant. It has been amazing having Dr Gary Shapiro with us and a huge thank you to him for ensuring our small group were able to enjoy this experience.

    Ruth Henning
  • We did the amazing Leif Cocks Kalimantan tour in Nov/Dec 2017 and it was an unforgettable experience.

    Gary and the crew looked after everyone so well and they way they cared for people of different ages and levels of physical fitness was exceptional. All shared a passion for protecting the habitat, the orangutans and other wildlife that share this awesome place. The lectures that Leif gave, both formally and informally as we travelled down the river were irreplaceable in terms of giving us a much greater understanding of these remarkable persons of the forest and how to help them. An experience that is truly unforgettable and genuinely makes a difference in the world. I won’t say a once in a lifetime experience because I sincerely hope it is not!!!!!

    Jeanine Bailey
  • Waking up to the magical sound of gibbons

    The trip was beyond our expectations and the Orangutan Odyssey team were great fun and looked after us really well. The highlight was staying overnight on the klotok in Tanjung Puting and waking up to the magical sound of gibbons singing in the jungle!

    Therese Lewis, Canberra, Australia

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