Our Vision - Our Mission

It is our Vision that responsible ecotourism to Sumatra and Borneo raises awareness about the loss of habitat and other factors endangering orangutans. The entire ecosystem needs to be protected; through our tours we will continue to raise much needed funds to support local conservation efforts, and provide hope for the environment and the local communities.

It is our Mission to protect the orangutan habitat through environmental sustainability and responsible tourism. Our passion lies in the primary forests of the world, which are a vital part of the global ecosystem.

Asia's vast population has placed enormous stress on the environment, particularly the forests of Sumatra and Borneo; the world's 3rd and 6th largest islands. Deforestation, mining and overpopulation continue to have substantial negative effects on these unique and vital ecosystems. Within these forests lie enormous biodiversity. At the top of the ecosystem chain, and what has become a focus for conservation in the region, is the orangutan.


"Saving the Environment through Tourism"

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