Meet the Orangutan Odysseys Team

We are pleased to introduce you to some of our wonderful team that looks forward to taking good care of you during your orangutan adventure.

Garry Sundin - General Manager

There are few people more passionate about life than Garry. Having travelled extensively throughout Indonesia, he has become firmly entrenched with his love of the orangutans and his desire to save them as well as their rainforest habitat. “The opportunity to experience these magnificent beings in their natural environment has been a true inspiration and privilege.” Garry's mission now is to share this wonder with as many people as possible and to heighten awareness of their dire situation to the world.

Hayley Szepfalusy - Expedition Manager

Hi I’m Hayley, I joined Orangutan Odysseys in 2017 as the Expedition Consultant. I work in the Orangutans Odysseys office on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia. When I’m not arranging incredible tours for our guest  I spend time with my three children. In my spare time I enjoy playing hockey, going to the gym and running. I also love sharing a good bottle of wine! 

I am passionate about travel, and believe that experiencing the world first hand is the best education for everyone. Visiting the orangutans in Indonesia is a life changing experience. Not only do we see these amazing beings in their natural environment, but we also learn about ourselves and the impact our everyday decisions have on the environment.



Rozi Aditya - Ozzy - Expedition Guide

I wish to help to maintain and preserve the natural and wild preservation of Kalimantan and Indonesia which have almost part of our nature full of natural damage caused by companies coming increasingly made me moved to help participate in the preservation of nature and the environment.

Joining the Odysseys Orangutan for the first time in 2014, when a very challenging tour. This yearly activity held by the Odysseys orangutan is very exciting for me to work with this company.

Orangutan Odysseys trains me in every activity that aims to help me realize environmental preservation and preserve wildlife in Indonesian, especially Kalimantan.

Before joining the Orangutan Odysseys I was a diver and explorer who was very interested in developing my talents and at the same time helping to preserve the environment. I am also part of a search and rescue volunteer in East Kalimantan. 

In 2017 the Odysseys Orangutan invited me to work and join in their activities. I am very enthusiastic about working at this company because I work while helping to preserve the environment and participate in protecting nature and animals in Indonesia. Orangutan Odysseys is very supportive of all the activities that I do to preserve our nature.

Working at the Orangutan Odysseys is a good start to develop my ability in the field of socializing to preserve the environment. Every trip I learn more knowledge and is assisted by hosts of The Orangutan project, Palm oil Investigation, International Animal Rescue and more. They all always helped and gave lessons for the development of my knowledge.



Ivend - Expedition Guide Borneo

Muhammad Effendi, and best known as Ivend, has worked for Orangutan Odysseys since 2011. Born in Kumai village, which borders Tanjung Puting national park, has lots of experience about National Parks and it's animals and especially about orangutans. Ivend a guide for Orangutan Odysseys as one of the best tour guides in the Tanjung Puting area even Central Kalimantan.

The lessons and experience while working for the Orangutan Odysseys made Ivend a quality tour guide especially his knowledge of Orangutans and tropical rainforests in Kalimantan.

Not only have the ability and knowledge in the forest and nature, but Ivend also has more knowledge about the history of the journey of the Islamic kingdom in the area of Central Kalimantan. Ivend comes from the Malay tribe, one of the oldest tribes in the southern continent of Asia. Therefore Ivend also has historical experience about tribal life and indigenous people from central Kalimantan, such as the history of the Yellow Palace which is one of the cultural heritages in the area of Central Kalimantan, especially Pangkalanbun.



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