Terms of Service


Orangutan Odysseys (OO) policy is to hold prices firm for each calendar year. However, because costs such as, but not limited to, exchange rates and airlines are out of our control we reserve the right to vary our prices at any time up to departure date, without notice. Pricing is per person based on twin-share accommodation (2 persons sharing one room). 

A 20% deposit is required per booking per person, and the balance of tour payment is due 45 days prior to the tour departure date. 

Cancellation Policy
1. If you cancel your booking more than 90 days prior to departure your deposit will be refunded minus a $300 administration fee per person. 
2. If you cancel your booking between 90 days and 45 days prior to your expedition departure date your deposit will be forfeited in full. 
3. If you cancel 45 days or less prior to your expedition departure date you will forfeit 100% of the expedition cost. 

In the event that you cancel your tour, more than 45 days prior to your departure date, all monies paid are eligible to be held as payment towards any other OO tour within 24 months of your original departure date. Please contact Orangutan Odysseys in this instance.

Cancellation of domestic and international airline tickets purchased by OO is subject to the airlines’ conditions of travel for the fare type purchased.

Orangutan Odysseys are not responsible for airlines delaying or cancelling flights. In the event that a flight connection is missed due to a delayed flight or cancellation, the guest can seek compensation via the airline or using their travel insurance. In this instance, Orangutan Odysseys will assist the guest with new flight arrangements at the expense of the guest.

In the event of a missed flight connection or flight cancellation Orangutan Odysseys will adjust the tour itinerary as needed to follow as closely with the original tour itinerary as possible.

Orangutan Odysseys reserves the right to cancel any trip prior to departure due to reasons outside of its control or if there are too few people booked on that departure. If cancellation by Orangutan Odysseys is due to insufficient bookings you will be offered an alternative travel date within 18 months of the original departure date or a full refund of all monies paid. 

In the event of OO being forced to cancel an expedition for reasons of security or personal safety (e.g. civil unrest, seismic activity, etc.), the amount paid can be credited to another expedition with minus administrative costs and cancellation fees charged by airline and accommodation companies not controlled by OO.

Administration fees will be calculated on a case by case basis. While acknowledging the travel warnings posted by respective Foreign Office departments, OO does not accept cancellation due to these warnings in isolation. We take into consideration information from numerous sources including reports from our local offices in the respective country and act accordingly.

In the event of OO cancelling an expedition, we will work with all affected members to try to provide an alternative expedition or the expedition fee will be refunded minus associated costs out of OO’s control. In the event of a “Force Majeure,” the tour operator will be excused from performing its obligations and will not be reliable for any lost costs to the consumer.

Travel insurance is compulsory for all bookings with Orangutan Odysseys.
We strongly encourage all guests to take out travel insurance upon making their booking to minimise personal loss. Travel insurance must provide cover for personal accident/liability, medical expenses and emergency repatriation.

Orangutan Odysseys from time to time uses photo images, video footage, comments and names for promotional purposes. Should you not wish to participate, you must notify Orangutan Odysseys in writing.
For all Leif Cocks and The Orangutan Project (TOP) fundraising tours, guests' names and email address will be shared with TOP.

I have been advised by 'Orangutan Odysseys' (OO) of the following matters in relation to my upcoming expedition with OO. I have been advised that trekking, climbing and snorkelling/swimming are inherently dangerous activities. I may be killed, injured, incapacitated and experience pain, illness and suffering. I may experience loss, damage or theft of my property. Any of the above may not be OO’s fault or the fault of anyone else. These incidents may be caused by others in my party, employees or directors of OO, their subcontractors, my guide or wildlife, environmental factors such as bad weather, loose rocks, earthquake, avalanche or even just physical exhaustion which can happen at any time on my expedition. There is no way of predicting all the hazards I may face. While OO will take reasonable precautions to minimise the risks, there is no way OO can guarantee my safety on this expedition 100%. Often areas of operation are remote with little or no medical support. In some remote areas, self-rescue is the only option. My guide may need to begin first aid appropriate to the remoteness of the area and the nature of my ailment.

While OO will take all reasonable precautions to maintain my safety, I understand that I am also responsible to act in a responsible and safe manner that will not endanger myself or others in my party.

Should you have a complaint while on the tour/expedition, you should inform your local guide or expedition director immediately. If the matter cannot be resolved after their best endeavours to do so during the tour, your complaint must be made in writing to OO. OO cannot be held responsible for issues that were not brought to their attention during the course of a tour/expedition.

By ticking, I certify that I have read and understood these risks and they are acceptable to me. I also agree not to seek compensation, financial or otherwise from any incident that might occur during or associated with your trip, from OO, its directors, employees or subcontractors. I understand OO will not accept my participation on any expedition if I do not have suitable or sufficient travel insurance to cover such events as illness, remote area evacuation, and I hereby state that I have taken out travel insurance to cover all of the above, bearing in mind the remote area location to which this expedition is going. OO is not responsible for any medical, hospital, doctor, rescue, evacuation, or associated transportation costs. OO will where possible assist you with any emergency logistics in the event of problems.

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