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There are few people more passionate about life than Garry. Having travelled extensively throughout Indonesia, he has become firmly entrenched with his love of the orangutans and his desire to save them as well as their rainforest habitat. “The opportunity to experience these magnificent beings in their natural environment has been a true inspiration and privilege.” Garry's mission now is to share this wonder with as many people as possible and to heighten awareness of their dire situation to the world.

Peter has been passionate about orangutans since his first visit to Borneo nearly 20 years ago. The Managing Director of No Roads Expeditions and a father of four, Peter helped establish Orangutan Odysseys so that the jungle and its beautiful creatures will survive for his children and grandchildren. "I firmly believe that tourism will play a vital part in protecting the ecosystem of the orangutan. Responsible tourism will add value and preserve both the environmental and social aspects of an area.”

Clare Tomlin Orangutan Odysseys Consultant

Clare has a real passion for adventure travel and wants to share this with all Orangutan Odysseys guests. Since first visiting Borneo in 2008, where she was captivated by these beautiful creatures. Clare's wish is to be able to continue to visit orangutans, living in their natural habitats for many years to come. "My hopes are to now continue helping put together life changing expeditions for many of our clients, so they too can learn to love orangutans as much as I do".

Originally from Kumai in Borneo, Gilang currently lives on the tropical Island of Lombok and has maintained a real affinity for the orangutans and jungles in which they live. Gilang has worked with Orangutan Odysseys for the last four years and his superb work has made a huge impact with all our clients.


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