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Save orangutans and their habitat by traveling with Orangutan Odysseys.

For a life changing adventure, Orangutan Odysseys provides educational and adventure tours throughout Indonesia and parts of Malaysia.  For each tour purchased, a percentage of your fare will help orangutan care centers in the areas where you travel.

Whether you want a private customized tour or a small group tour, Orangutan Odysseys will provide the trip of a lifetime! Tours to Borneo and Sumatra run all year round.

If fundraising tours pique your interest, Orangutan Odysseys has upcoming trips that allow you to make an even bigger impact on orangutan and rainforest conservation. Fundraising adventurers raise funds prior to travel, and then have the unique opportunity to visit the care centers and see the orangutans they have helped.

“Our wish is to save the environment through tourism,” stated Garry Sundin, one of the founders of Orangutan Odysseys. “We are committed to providing unforgettable tours while giving back to orangutans and their habitats.”

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